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Balanced Leather

Hoffmann balanced leather 

Leather is the best material for shoes; It adapts to your foot; it absorbs moisture, and you can care for it to keep your sneakers in beautiful shape for longer. Leather has become controversial in the last few years for various reasons, including animal welfare, environmental impact, and water use. All of which are very important factors that need to be addressed during the tanning process. This is why we chose the German tannery Hoffmann for our upper leathers. They are not only LWG (Leather Working Group) Gold certified but offer transparency down to the farm where the calf was reared. 

Hoffmann is a German tannery that stands for excellence in leather over the last 120 years. Hoffmann produces balanced leather which is based on the 17 SDGs of the United Nations. They can trace the hides back to the farm where the calf was reared. Working with regenerative farmers the tannery has full insight and can give us 100% control over the raw material selection in the supply chain. In terms of water treatment Hoffmann implemented their own treatment facilities in the factory 40 years ago. The leathers that are produced are carbon neutral and ECO₂L certified.  

We want all our suppliers to be transparent and that we know as much as possible about the origin of the raw materials and the production process. We choose leather with pride in the craftsmanship that goes into producing traceable leather that is sustainably manufactured. 

Read Hoffman's manifesto here.

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