Handmade sneakers: VYN shoes give the gift of time

Handmade sneakers: VYN shoes give the gift of time

Surrounding oneself with quality is a way of life characterised by appreciation, respect and joy. Beautifully ageing materials, traces of memories, the unique shaping to you  - all this requires a certain amount of time! Our handmade sneakers give you that time, because they are designed and made to last. A longevity that comes from the interplay of our VYN qualities: eco-innovation, timeless design, high-quality materials and the savoir-faire during manufacturing.

Longevity is best in class in many subjects

The journey from the first idea to develop the most durable sneaker to the actual market launch took almost three years. Developing and testing a technical innovation, as well as finding the right materials and partners, take more time than usual. Our eco-innovation – where you can replace the worn out heel on the sole and the heel cap yourself within seconds - gives the sneaker a completely new lifetime. At the same time, as a VYN wearer, you have the option of personalising the colour of the replaced parts.

VYN - Handgemachte Sneakers

Time gives comfort! A shoe made by hand from high-quality materials has a very special advantage of durability: Over a certain period of wear-in, the natural materials ergonomically adapt to the foot. For VYN sneakers, this is achieved through the cork insole, the calfskin lining and the leather upper.

Style made to last

Design classics know no fashionable expiry date. Rather, they outlast trends and still reflect the spirit of the times. The silhouette of the VYN sneaker is a classic and effortlessly enriches a versatile wardrobe for men – from business to casual. The intricately crafted leather upper with no visible seams puts the focus on the fine lines and exudes that luxurious understatement of the connoisseur.

VYN - Nachhaltige Sneakers

Quality goes through all these hands...

We will never forget the handshake when we received the first prototype from our Italian manufacturer and tried it on. Handmade shoes have a great heritage- you can feel the love, the sweat, the dedication and the traditional know-how of the craft. The VYN sneakers are produced with a high proportion of manual labour in a shoe manufactory in northern Italy that has been run for generations. The pride in this valuable traditional knowledge must be preserved at all costs and we are thrilled to make our contribution to this with VYN. This dedication can also be found in our valued partners who supply us with high-quality materials. Finally, the VYN sneaker comes to you as the wearer – to your demanding feet and also into your hands: by replacing the most vulnerable parts yourself and by caring for them with our products, you give your sneakers and yourself a long-lasting, comfortable and stylish experience over time.

What do I need to consider when buying a handmade sneaker?

The small imperfections are by no means faulty, but rather testify to the craftsmanship of the shoe using high-quality natural materials. This is also important to bear in mind when buying.

You can try on VYN shoes and get expert advice at our selected locations in Zurich, Basel and London. You can also easily determine the right size online using our size chart and the explanatory sheet. Have questions? We will be happy to help you at any time at hello@vyn.one.

VYN - Personalisierbare Sneakers

VYN – Personalizable Sneakers you can fix yourself

Less, but better

VYN sneakers are developed by us as design experts and manufactured in small batches by our partners, whereby a common purpose always connects us and drives us forward: We believe in the beauty of longevity and its accompanying ecological importance. Away from a linear throwaway society, towards a circular and appreciative consumer ethos of "buying fewer but better products" that give us pleasure for longer due to their durability and thus give us quality time.

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