Personalise your premium sneaker





An easy click mechanism in the VYN outsole and a deconstructed heelcap allows you to replace them yourself.

Local Quality

The VYN Sneaker gets handcrafted in small quantities in a family runfactory in northern Italy. We know all our European, certified suppliers andtheir expertise personally.

Luxury comfort

You feel instant comfort when stepping into a VYN sneaker. Leather and cork adapt to your foot over time and give you that perfect in-shoe feel all year round.


You choose how playful or subtle you wear your VYNs. Change the colour of your signature parts in less than a minute and enjoy effortless style... anytime.

More than a sneaker

VYN is the world’s first repairable sneaker! We designed and re-engineered the vulnerable parts in a new way so that you can change them yourself. They become your unique personal style feature and expand your sneaker’s life... So you can love your VYNs for longer.


" VYN is a nice example of how material quality, form, and also ecological impact can be considered while, at the same time, incorporating the need for something new. "

- Dirk Hohnsträter, Cultural scientist and author of the book 'Quality!'

We are VYN

VYN was founded in 2019 by Swiss designers Catherine Meuter and Stefan Mathys. Together we have over 25 years of experience in the footwear industry and having lived around the globe. VYN came to life over a discourse about the sneaker industry being one of the most polluting in the fashion industry. We wanted to create a sneaker that stands the test of time as we believe in longevity and quality as the driving force in everything we create, consume and relate to.

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My sneaker love story

VYN started over a beer (as many things do) and a discussion about why we are creating season after season of the same shoes ‘slightly differently’.

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A walk from Basel to Paris

When was the last time you walked anywhere? And I don’t mean to and from the grocery store. 

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Balanced Leather

Leather is the best material for shoes; It adapts to your foot; it absorbs moisture, and you can care for it to keep your sneakers in beautiful shape for longer.

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