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Personalised trainers: It's becoming about more than only self-expression

What if the moment you leave home, you could customize the style of your sneaker to perfectly match your outfit for that business meeting or happy hour aperitif? But wait, what if that's already possible to personalize your sneaker at any moment?!


Personalized sneakers are on the rise

For some time now, big shoe brands like Adidas, Nike, Vans or Converse have made it possible to choose the colors of the various shoe parts individually and to customize them with personal messages. With just a few clicks, you can get shoes with an individual touch.

Meanwhile, smaller brands also offer this customizability of shoes, which can produce small quantities in European manufactories. The individual color and material selection of the sneaker is primarily about expressing your personal style and celebrating uniqueness.

As a design student and as head of footwear for various international brands for 10 years, the topic of customization kept coming up. I noticed that besides the desire to create and put together something of my own, there was also the need to NOT have to be spoilt for choice and to be able to rely on the expertise of experienced designers. Without sensitivity, certain combinations can also quickly go in the pants. I am of the opinion that certain own tweaks to the sneakers definitely bring its charm and added value, but without endless variation possibilities.

We certainly also have the tendency to create the sneakers a little funkier than we actually wear them in everyday life, because we already have the opportunity to put together something really own and unique. But the question then also arises how long such creations last culturally.

Match your sneakers to the occasion

Sneakers put together online all have one thing in common: you put together the individual design options yourself in an online tool, and then the personalized sneakers are produced for you once and for all.

But what if you want to wear the same sneakers on different occasions and change them slightly depending on your mood?

After all, high-quality sneakers can be worn for more than just casual wear. Meanwhile, sneakers have arrived in the business world as well and have become presentable due to the unique combination of casual look and comfort. Whether it's a business meeting or conference, a trip to the theater, or even a wedding or your next date.


VYN – Personalizable Sneakers you can fix yourself

Personalize your sneaker - whenever you like

Is it possible to customize and design your sneaker in seconds according to your occasion? With the first renewable VYN sneaker, you can do just that.

With a simple click mechanism, you can change the signature pieces on your leather sneaker - the heel and the toe cap - at any time and change your look depending on the occasion without looking overdressed or underdressed.

But with VYN, customizability has an even deeper purpose....


The longevity: the impact of our customizable sneakers goes far beyond style issues

The renewable shoe parts of the VYN sneaker not only define your personal style, but are also a worn statement for sustainability. Why. During a 3-year research and development phase of the VYN sneakers, we set out to create the most durable sneaker possible and combine it all with the fun factor of personalization. Style and sustainable functionality go hand in hand here: we designed the vulnerable parts in a new way, so you can renew them yourself. Not only do they become your personal style statement, but they also make your customizable leather sneaker more durable at the same time.

We believe that sustainability requires quality and longevity. VYN is the first sneaker brand to show that sustainability goes far beyond production methods and resource-saving materials. You contribute yourself by maintaining and renewing your sneakers. Moving away from the common, linear consumer mode - buy, wear out, throw away - to a circular sneaker experience through the VYN Wear Care Repair System.

Sustainability is certainly a responsibility for the future that affects us all but it can also be fun in the now!


VYN co-creates with you as VYNNER

We are also always developing VYN together with our customers. If you have an idea of a collaboration that revolves around the theme of CARE, you can always contact us and follow us on social media. We want to revolutionize the sneaker industry and this can only be done together with our producers and with you as VYNNER. With VYN you don't only wear your personalized sneaker but also a real impact in the world:

LESS overproduction and mountains of short-lived sneakers in landfills.

In return

More quality, fun with your personal style and sneakers you can love and care for for a long time.


VYN – Personalizable Sneakers you can fix yourself

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