Personalised trainers: It's becoming about more than only self-expression

What if, in the future, you could adapt your trainer's style according to what you feel like or what you use it for at the very moment you're leaving your home? But wait, what if this is already possible today?!

Personalised trainers are on the rise

By now high-profile shoe brands such as adidas, Nike, Vans or Converse let you customise the colors of different trainer parts, tag them with personal messages or change the sole of your football or running shoes. In a matter of a few clicks you get kicks with a touch of individuality.


VYN – Personalizable Sneakers you can fix yourself

It's not only about expressing your personal style

But often personalising the trainer's color scheme is more about picking the right color combination for a certain occasion and about matching it perfectly to the outfit needed for that. In these cases, it is more about subtle custom changes of certain details or your own little twist that does the job of giving that little confidence boost that is needed out there.

Now, what if you could, within seconds, change the look of your trainers whenever you want? But more on this later.

Customisable trainers: What are currently the best big names in the business?

Some of the big shoe brands took the effort to let their customers customise their iconic sneaker models to give them more freedom in their individual expression.

Some of the hottest customisable trainers available right now come from Nike, adidas, New Balance, Converse, Vans and SWEAR. Especially mentionable are the iconic adidas Gazelles, futuristic SWEAR Air 2s and the classic Vans Old Skools.

Adapt your trainers to the occasion you're using them for

All these exciting examples have one thing in common besides using similar technologies for their customisation: You personally combine the custom design options in an online tool and then they get produced for you once and for all.

But what if you want to wear the same trainers for different occasions and change them slightly to suit to what you're up to?

Quality trainers can be used for more than just casual wear: you can use them in a business meeting or conferences, other formal occasions, wear them at weddings, your next date or whatever other adventure you're stepping into next.

VYN – Personalisable trainer

Customise whenever you feel like

That's why at VYN we were looking for a solution. To make this frequent customisation possible we invented a simple click mechanism to change the heel piece of our leather trainers.

By doing so you can change the piece to a different color yourself. As easy it is to replace the heel counter within seconds whenever you feel like, that it needs a different touch for the event you're attending.

But it doesn't stop there...


VYN – Personalizable Sneakers you can fix yourself

Longevity: The impact of our personalised trainers goes far beyond fashion

Because by changing your heel counter and outsole piece's color you also expand your sneaker's lifetime. Style and functional purposes come together. This makes VYN the worlds first self-repairable trainer. We designed and re-engineered the vulnerable parts in a new way so that you can change them yourself. They become your personal custom style feature and make your trainer more long-lasting at the same time.

The concepts of longevity and true quality are at the core of our vision for everything we develop at VYN. If you want to know more about how we think about them, stay tuned for our next posts!

Bringing personalisation and longevity together

Yes, personalisation is about more than expressing your personal style.

With the custom VYN trainers we don't only want to bring you the possibility to express yourself through your own color choices but also extend the trainer's lifetime as you go along with them over time.

If you have ideas of what you would like to see in your personalised trainers, get in touch with us. Your opinion counts! Since we're always working to expand this vision of bringing personalisation and longevity together to future products and components, we can't wait to hear from you!

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